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Observations about channel and programme presentation.

BBC One reintroduces next/later pointers

As reported earlier on the TV Forum website, BBC One seems to have brought back next/later pointers. A design first seen in January 2016 was used in the junction leading into tonight’s edition of The Graham Norton Show.

RTÉ One updates promo endboard

RTÉ One has been phasing in a new promotion endboard design over the last few days. The previous design – first aired in January 2014 – is still in use but it does look as though it’s on the way

A lesson in how not to execute a BBC One/BBC News Channel handover

Since the launch of BBC News 24 in November 1997, BBC One has used a simulcast of the 24-hour news channel to fill the overnight hours. Prior to that, BBC One’s transmitter network was closed down during the night. Unlike

New ident debuts on BBC Two

A series of wooden blocks of various shapes feature in the latest in the ‘Curve’ series of idents on BBC Two. Thought-Provoking 2 aired at 10pm this evening.

Special BBC One ident promoting His Dark Materials

BBC One tonight aired an altered version of one of its idents. Kayakers – filmed in Northern Ireland – had its night sky updated with visuals from His Dark Materials. The new BBC One drama continues tomorrow night at 8pm.

Danny Dyer on BBC One continuity duty

Ahead of the launch of his new game show The Wall, at 8.35pm tonight on BBC One, Danny Dyer introduced tonight’s edition of Strictly Come Dancing. Dyer recorded separate announcements for each of the nations.

BBC News Channel Observations

A quick comment about a couple of minor events on the BBC News Channel in the last 24 hours. At 9am, the BBC News at Nine decided to break from the tradition of including a live shot of the newsroom

Intermittent BBC News graphics glitch strikes again

Since their introduction in mid-July, the new BBC News on-screen graphics have been affected by an intermittent glitch which causes the software to hang. Each time this has happened, the lower-third graphics are removed completely for a time – presumably

BBC One NI airs Oneness-less ident

Bit of a rarity from BBC One Northern Ireland at lunchtime: a Oneness-less ident. Looks like they’ve created a shorter version of one of the Mountain Rescue idents, for junctions that are particularly tight.

PICTURED: BBC News logo.

Textbook handover to BBC News Channel by BBC NI

It’s not often that the schedule provides the opportunity for a tidy handover to the BBC News Channel at the point where BBC One programmes finish for the day. And frankly, it also depends on who is in the director’s