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A current broadcast project or a random (relevant) subject comes under the spotlight.

A helpful change in the weather

The old joke is that people love nothing more than talking about the weather. And changes to the BBC weather graphics can get people talking too.

UTV archive: an important historical record of Northern Ireland

For the curator of any collection, deciding what to leave out can be harder than deciding what to put in. But for the historian or archivist, the importance of preserving primary source material is paramount.

PICTURED: UTV's former headquarters - Havelock House, Ormeau Road, Belfast (11th November 2018).

Havelock House: TV history worth preserving?

Last updated: 17th July 2020. The future of UTV’s former headquarters is in doubt. Developers want to knock it down and redevelop the site. Belfast City Council is set to decide whether to let them

BBC English region cuts

The scale of the planned cuts to the BBC’s local and regional services in England will have taken many by surprise. The decision to cut dual presentation in the regions which still had it will

Might some lockdown changes linger on?

As lockdown restrictions ease, now is the time to start keeping a watch on whether some of the changes made by broadcasters become permanent or indefinite.

Will ITV branding become the norm in NI?

The next few weeks should prove very interesting for those with a concern about UTV’s branding. The channel temporarily started carrying ITV continuity and trails on 2nd April because of the coronavirus crisis.

BBC Radio branding in need of a tidy-up

Last updated: 4th June 2020. Back in 1997, the BBC realised that it was responsible for hundreds of very different looking logos, ranging from broadcast channels to corporate services. As well as being very expensive,

BBC One Peter Crouch promo issues

Today saw the launch of the full-version promotion for one of BBC One’s highest profile shows in recent weeks: Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer. Hopefully the comedy in the show will be better than the

Current BBC News branding comes of age

The current BBC News package is a direct evolution of the new look introduced in May 1999. Titles and sets have changed a few times, the music has been tweaked and the main news has

PICTURED: UTV break bumper.

A minor tweak with significant meaning for UTV?

A good detective spots little details – details which may seem insignificant but which can point to something of more importance. Only the most observant of pres fans will have immediately noticed a little change