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Dropped frames galore on Gordon Ramsay show

I was flicking through the channels in the early hours of this morning, and stumbled upon the surprisingly poor technical quality of a show going out on Channel 4.

Questionable editing of new BBC One ident

The latest addition to the Oneness ident set debuted on Saturday evening. However, the edit has room for improvement.

UTV news programmes to adopt ITV News branding?

There are signs that some ITV News branding may be about to appear on UTV Live. A brand-building promotion for ITV News screened in Northern Ireland features a UTV reporter. And a graphic branded ‘ITV News UTV’ lurks on the

UTV branding: watch this space

It’s now four years since UTV got a revamp to bring it into line with ITV and almost seven months since local continuity was dropped. This was, of course, brought about as an emergency measure at the height of the

ITV closing SD streams for small regions?

Last updated: Friday 16th October 2020. A little postscript to the news that all ITV’s regions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be available in HD from Tuesday.

New ITV HD regional services launching on DSAT

ITV is about to make major changes to its HD service. From next Tuesday all its regions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be available in HD on satellite.

The BBC Red Button text service lives

The BBC has confirmed that its red button text service will not be shut down. The decision to save the service from closure will be a surprise to many.

Further signs of ITV getting back to normal

As people get used to the realisation that the fight against coronavirus will take time, there are interesting questions for broadcasters to tackle.

PICTURED: UTV break bumper.

UTV brand reaching point of no return

Last updated: 5th September 2020. If you’ve been missing UTV continuity, the next few weeks will be vital. Either the voices of Gillian and Julian – plus the brand – will be back, or it will look like the point of

New season – new normal

In the old days, the start of September was one of the key points in the year for TV. The beginning of the autumn season marked the return of old favourites and brought in new shows. This was especially true