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NI kids’ art featured in ITV idents

UTV’s adoption of ITV branding is, of course, temporary. It is a response to the coronavirus crisis and the need to minimise the number of staff on site. But this week has seen an unexpected development: ITV Creates idents featuring

Could some Covid-related broadcasting changes become permanent?

When do stealth changes made during an emergency become permanent? There are quite a few examples of changes to schedules, presentation and even graphics which started out as temporary arrangements.

When will TV get back to normal?

It’s a question many will be wondering just now and one which is impossible to answer.

PICTURED: UTV break bumper.

ITV for network output – UTV for local output: there is a logic to it

Since Thursday UTV has carried ITV branding as a temporary measure brought about by the coronavirus crisis. It would be wrong to review this in the way one would if it had happened because of a routine creative decision. But

When major events impact broadcasting

There have not been many occasions when extraordinary events or national crises have had a fundamental effect on broadcasting. Normally the impact of a news story is limited to specific schedule changes to allow for extended coverage or to remove


UTV on-air branding suspended

The terrible impact of the coronavirus crisis continues to affect TV badly. A number of significant changes to schedules have been made to help protect staff and core programmes.

Later Newsnight start worth considering for the longer-term?

Two significant changes to BBC News output happen on Monday. Because of the impact of coronavirus, regional bulletins during BBC Breakfast are being suspended. Meanwhile Newsnight is moving to 10.45pm to alllow it to share a set and gallery with

PICTURED: BBC One ident - Birdwatchers, Rainham Marshes - Version 2.

Time to ditch Oneness?

Updated: Tuesday 7th April 2020. With the BBC currently going to great lengths to relay, reinforce and implement the government’s directive around social distancing, it seems a little odd that BBC One’s current on-screen presentation continues to promote the idea

The unsung heroes of broadcasting

In these difficult times it is important to celebrate the unsung heroes of broadcasting. Presentation departments, promotions teams and the engineering workers who play a part in getting the signal to viewers can easily go unnoticed by the public.

Never believe everything you read on the internet

The BBC, like other reputable news organisations, would take a very dim view of a journalist who simply took a fact off a website and repeated it without checking it. Even where people have no intention to mislead, they can