Category: PresWatch

Observations about channel and programme presentation.

Playout changes on the way for UKTV channels

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice changes to some UKTV channels from tomorrow. That’s when SES will take over responsibility for playout, content processing, distribution, and VOD services.

BBC News Channel temporarily diverts to BBC World News

The BBC News Channel took an unexpected diversion to BBC World News at 4.30pm today.

Special titles for pan-regional BBC Yorkshire news programme

The lunchtime edition of BBC Look North in the BBC Yorkshire region was also broadcast to viewers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

New Oneness ident debuts

BBC One launched another in its series of Oneness idents this evening.

New continuity voice on BBC One

A new but familiar voice turned up this evening on BBC One.

ITV OSP used for rugby team lists

ITV’s on-screen presentation graphics were put to a rather unusual use this evening – providing team lists for tomorrow’s rugby Six Nations match.

BBC Wales Today fixes its titles

Having highlighted an odd anomaly with the BBC Wales Today titles last year, it would be remiss of us not to mention that this longstanding wrong has finally been put right.

New continuity voice on ITV

We spotted what we believe is a new voice introducing the programmes on ITV.

ITV announcer makes reference to “UTV”

Since UTV switched to ITV branding/continuity in April, there have been no references to “UTV” by the ITV announcer (that we’re aware of). Until tonight.

STV launches idents sponsored by Visit Scotland

On Monday 20th July 2020, a number of idents sponsored by Visit Scotland debuted on STV. It’s not yet clear how many idents have been produced.