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BBC TV announcer also on ‘the other side’?

We can’t think of another example of a current BBC One announcer also providing voiceovers on ITV.

BBC One Peter Crouch promo issues

Today saw the launch of the full-version promotion for one of BBC One’s highest profile shows in recent weeks: Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer. Hopefully the comedy in the show will be better than the trail suggests. Anyhow, on to

RTÉ One updates promo endboard

RTÉ One has been phasing in a new promotion endboard design over the last few days. The previous design – first aired in January 2014 – is still in use but it does look as though it’s on the way


Breakfast shows now getting promo airtime on UTV

There seems to have been an interesting change to UTV’s promotions policy lately. ITV’s breakfast and morning programmes are now being properly promoted – just as they are in other ITV plc regions.

PICTURED: BBC Two promotion endboard.

Sort out your promo endboards BBC Two

On 27th September 2018, we welcomed a new BBC Two on-screen presentation package with open arms. After a number of years of recycled idents and hideous promo endboard templates, BBC Two’s OSP was finally back on form. Only a few

PICTURED: BBC One promotional trail - Christmas 2018.

BBC One Christmas teaser now airing

A short teaser for BBC One’s Christmas schedule debuted at 7.30pm this evening just before EastEnders.  And it looks like BBC One’s festive idents will be unveiled this Saturday.  It’s customary for BBC Two and BBC Four’s Christmas presentation graphics