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Current BBC News branding comes of age

The current BBC News package is a direct evolution of the new look introduced in May 1999. Titles and sets have changed a few times, the music has been tweaked and the main news has

BBC News looking a little inconsistent in the nations

In mid-July, BBC regional news programmes in England got the BBC Reith treatment. As well as adopting the same on-screen graphics as national news programmes, a new format for opening titles was also rolled out.

Doctor Who-themed title sequence for Newsnight

BBC Two’s Newsnight aired a Doctor Who-themed title sequence last night. The iconic time tunnel visuals from the popular science-fiction series were the basis for the connection with Newsnight‘s lead story: denials from the EU’s

Newsnight launches new look

The final new look for today – Newsnight. Music by George Fenton.

New look for Newsround

CBBC’s Newsround sported a new look from this morning. Graphic design is by James Mobbs and music by Dave Connolly.

PICTURED: a still from the Sportsday opening titles.

Sportsday aborted start on BBC News Channel

Tonight’s edition of Sportsday (BBC News Channel, 10.30pm) failed to start on the first attempt. The programme’s gallery output was taken off the air briefly, before a more successful start, just under a minute later.

PICTURED: BBC News opening titles.

BBC One/BBC News Channel handover

Updated: 22nd July 2019. With the BBC News branding/graphics refresh, we were curious about a relatively minor element of BBC presentation – the status of the BBC News Channel sting used for the handover when

PICTURED: BBC Newsline online logo.

Special Newsline titles for The Open coverage

Although BBC Northern Ireland has somehow dodged the rollout of the new BBC Reith graphics (for now), they have introduced an updated set of titles for their late-evening weekday BBC Newsline programme (temporarily rebranded BBC

PICTURED: a still from the BBC North West Tonight opening titles.

Special title sequence for North West Tonight

A few days into the new look, North West Tonight aired special opening titles tonight, featuring the Dianne Oxberry memorial garden at Tatton Park. In the sequence – which adheres to the new titles template

PICTURED: a still from the BBC Midlands Today opening titles.

BBC News Reith launch – around the regions

On this page, an at-a-glance guide to the rollout of the BBC Reith font in the BBC News English regions and nations. The initial signs of the new Reith package were aired in most regions