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BBC News at Ten titles mishap

Tonight’s BBC News at Ten suffered a technical glitch during its opening titles.

Special titles for pan-regional BBC Yorkshire news programme

The lunchtime edition of BBC Look North in the BBC Yorkshire region was also broadcast to viewers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

BBC News at One titles error for second consecutive day

It’s happened again. The BBC News at One has suffered a problem with its opening titles for the second time in as many days.

No titles on BBC News at One

Today’s BBC News at One played out without it usual title sequence.

BBC Wales Today fixes its titles

Having highlighted an odd anomaly with the BBC Wales Today titles last year, it would be remiss of us not to mention that this longstanding wrong has finally been put right.

BBC One announcer goes AWOL and news titles fail to run

There was a less than slick start to the early evening news on BBC One this evening.

All change for BBC News in 1981

For pres fans, the first week of September 1981 was significant. The modification of the BBC One globe was a small tweak by modern standards but quite noticeable at the time. Then channel symbols were things of permanence.

Extended titles for start of The Late Late Show new season

The 59th season of RTÉ One’s The Late Late Show kicked off last night with an extended title sequence featuring visuals highlighting the ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic on Irish life.

Current BBC News branding comes of age

The current BBC News package is a direct evolution of the new look introduced in May 1999. Titles and sets have changed a few times, the music has been tweaked and the main news has shifted to 10pm. But the

BBC News looking a little inconsistent in the nations

In mid-July, BBC regional news programmes in England got the BBC Reith treatment. As well as adopting the same on-screen graphics as national news programmes, a new format for opening titles was also rolled out. Although the new sequence provides