Could promotional slides make a comback?

Pres fans watching Strictly last night may have been cheering just after the show finished. But their celebrations would have had nothing to do with the winner of the dreaded ‘Dance-Off’.

BBC TV launches new standalone cross-channel promotion graphic

BBC TV has launched a new cross-channel promotion graphic that sits outside programme end credits.

Channel 4 reintroduces StayAtHome DOG

Channel 4 has reintroduced its “#StayAtHome” DOG – albeit the latest incarnation goes under the title “#StayAtHome2”.

Are broadcasters forgoing key skills in their pursuit of “authentic” channel announcers?

It was the style of speech which defined the BBC for decades. For a long time Received Pronunciation was used by virtually all BBC broadcasters. It was Lord Reith who believed this to be a form of speech which would be

BBC iPlayer branding tweak – BBC logo recoloured

There are indications today that the BBC iPlayer logo has been tweaked.

BBC Films becomes BBC Film – but the dodgy BBC logo remains

Earlier this week following the release of a BBC Two trail featuring short snippets of various new films, we asked a question:

Live voiceover crashes poignant Robert Rinder trail

An unfortunate error here during a BBC Two junction yesterday.

Channel 4 dusts off old logo for GBBO 80s night

A day after its 38th birthday, Channel 4 found an excuse to dust off one of its original batch of ‘4’ idents.

Impact of new lockdown measures on broadcasting

It’s the last thing anybody would have wanted. Circuit breakers in Wales, Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland have been followed by an impending 4-week lockdown in England.

Why are viewers in England still seeing that red screen in 2020?

First published: 13th September 2019. Last updated: 3rd November 2020. I know it’s a point that’s been raised many times by viewers and in various online forums – but, ten years since an HD version of BBC One was launched

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