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Live voiceover crashes poignant Robert Rinder trail

An unfortunate error here during a BBC Two junction yesterday.

Channel 4 dusts off old logo for GBBO 80s night

A day after its 38th birthday, Channel 4 found an excuse to dust off one of its original batch of ‘4’ idents.

Doughnut plus Strictly theme tune for Top Gear

BBC One aired an unusual ‘next’ pointer for the final edition (of the current series) of Top Gear this evening.

Children in Need trail elements incorporated into BBC One OSP

A new Oneness sting featuring an edit from the Goodbye Rainclouds cartoon spot for Children in Need aired on BBC One today at 12.15pm. It was followed by an ident in the 6pm junction, linking into a Children in Need

Bread making ident for BBC One

Revised update: 2nd November 2020. BBC One has unveiled a new “bread making” Oneness ident.

BBC One abandons late film due to technical difficulties

It’s 1996 and BBC One has been in its new, state-of-the-art playout area for just over a year. The days of programme breakdowns are a distant memory. Right?

Branding the daytime schedule

The BBC’s new weekday daytime schedule arrived in October 1986. After years of programmes for schools and colleges, adult education, not to mention lots of test card and latterly Pages from Ceefax, the BBC finally committed to a regular programme

Lesser-spotted BBC One sting promo endboard

For the presentation enthusiast, there are a few nerdy items of interest in one of these 1994 BBC One junctions.

BBC TV announcer also on ‘the other side’?

We can’t think of another example of a current BBC One announcer also providing voiceovers on ITV.

Questionable editing of new BBC One ident

The latest addition to the Oneness ident set debuted on Saturday evening. However, the edit has room for improvement.