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BBC One drops junction between Strictly and The Wheel

BBC One tonight dropped a prime time junction, between Strictly Come Dancing and the new Michael McIntyre game show, The Wheel.

Special version of BBC One ident to promote His Dark Materials

BBC One has produced a special version of one its lockdown idents, to promote the current series of His Dark Materials, currently airing on Sunday nights.

BBC One guest continuity for The Wheel

Michael McIntyre stood in as announcer on BBC One this evening – promoting his new game show, The Wheel, which starts tonight at 8.30pm.

Christmas has started on RTÉ TV

Christmas presentation launched in the 7pm junction last night on RTÉ One and RTÉ 2.

RTÉ One ident pointer graphics

Whilst monitoring RTÉ’s output yesterday for the first appearance of their Christmas idents, we got an unexpected surprise in the 6.01pm junction. And it wasn’t a nice one.

BBC One airing sting for The Wheel

BBC One is airing a sting to promote Michael McIntyre’s latest show.

BBC One airs Captain Jack teaser

On the 57th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Doctor Who, BBC One dropped a teaser for its latest instalment of the sci-fi show.

BBC One meltdown disrupts tonight’s schedule

BBC One (England/Scotland) experienced major technical issues at the start of tonight’s Panorama.

Special BBC One ident for Small Axe

BBC One tonight aired a special ident linking into the first of five episodes of Small Axe, written by award-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen.

Happy Diwali from Channel 4

Channel 4 has been airing a special ‘Happy Diwali’ ident throughout today.