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Curious correlation between Dr Who regeneration and BBC One globe changes

Today marks the 57th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who. BBC One marked the occasion with a trail teasing the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack in the festive special.

BBC One airs Captain Jack teaser

On the 57th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Doctor Who, BBC One dropped a teaser for its latest instalment of the sci-fi show.

How can a pre-recorded programme go so wrong BBC One?

It must be the biggest catastrophe on BBC One for decades. For ten long minutes, the network descended into chaos after Panorama failed to start.

BBC One meltdown disrupts tonight’s schedule

BBC One (England/Scotland) experienced major technical issues at the start of tonight’s Panorama.

Special BBC One ident for Small Axe

BBC One tonight aired a special ident linking into the first of five episodes of Small Axe, written by award-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen.

BBC One next/later pointers make another comeback

Next/later pointers are back on BBC One again, after a short-lived comeback in May.

BBC TV launches new standalone cross-channel promotion graphic

BBC TV has launched a new cross-channel promotion graphic that sits outside programme end credits.

Doughnut plus Strictly theme tune for Top Gear

BBC One aired an unusual ‘next’ pointer for the final edition (of the current series) of Top Gear this evening.

Children in Need trail elements incorporated into BBC One OSP

A new Oneness sting featuring an edit from the Goodbye Rainclouds cartoon spot for Children in Need aired on BBC One today at 12.15pm. It was followed by an ident in the 6pm junction, linking into a Children in Need

Bread making ident for BBC One

Revised update: 2nd November 2020. BBC One has unveiled a new “bread making” Oneness ident.