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Marketing needed for EastEnders return

Long-running programmes sometimes need a little TLC. Sometimes that TLC can involve promotions and marketing. If EastEnders is to hit the ground running when it returns on 7th September it will need that.

Too much nostalgia can be a bad thing

History is the story of who we are and how we became who we are. Nostalgia is simply the yearning for times gone by.

ITV announces autumn plans

ITV has announced a big step back towards normality. From the middle of September, Emmerdale and Coronation Street will be shown six times a week as usual. Episodes have been rationed since the start of lockdown in March.

BBC One resorts to rolling news to cover 1991 Gulf War

A new discovery on YouTube is a reminder of the degree of disruption to BBC One which was brought about by the 1991 Gulf War. To all intents and purposes, BBC One became a dedicated news channel during the opening

A helpful change in the weather

The old joke is that people love nothing more than talking about the weather. And changes to the BBC weather graphics can get people talking too.

UTV archive: an important historical record of Northern Ireland

For the curator of any collection, deciding what to leave out can be harder than deciding what to put in. But for the historian or archivist, the importance of preserving primary source material is paramount. If you care about the

PICTURED: UTV's former headquarters - Havelock House, Ormeau Road, Belfast (11th November 2018).

Havelock House: TV history worth preserving?

Last updated: 17th July 2020. The future of UTV’s former headquarters is in doubt. Developers want to knock it down and redevelop the site. Belfast City Council is set to decide whether to let them do this.

BBC English region cuts

The scale of the planned cuts to the BBC’s local and regional services in England will have taken many by surprise. The decision to cut dual presentation in the regions which still had it will probably be the one that

Might some lockdown changes linger on?

As lockdown restrictions ease, now is the time to start keeping a watch on whether some of the changes made by broadcasters become permanent or indefinite.

No trade test on Sundays

Occasionally an old clip of what was once unremarkable everyday television provides a gateway into another world. A piece of continuity which has surfaced from a Sunday morning in June 1974 does just that. A time when life was not