Could promotional slides make a comback?

Pres fans watching Strictly last night may have been cheering just after the show finished. But their celebrations would have had nothing to do with the winner of the dreaded ‘Dance-Off’.

A new cross-promotion graphic made its debut on BBC One immediately afterwards. And the graphic certainly harked back to the traditional style of BBC presentation.

The full-screen graphic wipes between the different choices across BBC Television.  It is the modern equivalent of the cross-promotional captions at the common junctions shared by BBC One and BBC Two.

Hopefully this will be become a regular part of BBC presentation.

Interestingly, the individual components of the sequence could potentially be adapted as the modern equivalent of promotional slides – Channel 4 in the 90s used an animation to lead into the captions.

With a bit of imagination, could “slides” sometimes be used again to promote programmes which don’t have trails and break up the flow of junctions which can feel almost like commercial breaks?

All in all, this is an encouraging development.



PICTURED: still from BBC TV cross-channel promotion graphic. SUPPLIED BY: Online. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

Posted by Andrew Nairn

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