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Test card and tone – a window into the bleak world of the 70s

Occasionally inconsequential things offer a window into another world and another time. Last year I mentioned how a Sunday morning closedown from 1974 “filled” by black screen was a reminder of how Sundays were not working days.

BBC Two Visceral ident reverts to original state

At the start of the year, BBC Two added ‘Channel of the Year’ text on many of its idents. It looks as though the new versions were created using the original masters. And that’s a problem in some cases.

Fondly remembered BBC TV idents turn 30

It was the day when everything changed but everything stayed the same.

1982 BBC business programme provides useful insights into the launch of Channel 4

A report from BBC Two’s financial series The Money Programme provides a great insight into the launch of Channel 4. It also provides a few nuggets for Pres fans.

The demise of BBC Schools and Colleges branding

The return of a form of schools broadcasting next week has provoked inevitable nostalgia – and not just from pres fans.

Martin Lambie-Nairn: a giant of TV branding

Martin Lambie-Nairn will go down in media history as the inventor of modern television branding.

BBC Two Christmas 2020 OSP launches

On BBC Two, it’s as you were. No new idents this year. But there is the addition of a ‘Channel of the Year’ tag in the upper-third area of the idents – that’s except for viewers in Northern Ireland.

The time when Christmas branding meant a new mechanical model

For some of us, recording and archiving BBC TV Christmas symbols has been an annual ritual for many years.

BBC TV launches new standalone cross-channel promotion graphic

BBC TV has launched a new cross-channel promotion graphic that sits outside programme end credits.

Live voiceover crashes poignant Robert Rinder trail

An unfortunate error here during a BBC Two junction yesterday.