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BBC One abandons late film due to technical difficulties

It’s 1996 and BBC One has been in its new, state-of-the-art playout area for just over a year The days of programme breakdowns are a distant memory. Right?

Branding the daytime schedule

The BBC’s new weekday daytime schedule arrived in October 1986. After years of programmes for schools and colleges, adult education, not to mention lots of test card and latterly Pages from Ceefax, the BBC finally committed to a regular programme

Lesser-spotted BBC One sting promo endboard

For the presentation enthusiast, there are a few nerdy items of interest in one of these 1994 BBC One junctions.

BBC TV announcer also on ‘the other side’?

We can’t think of another example of a current BBC One announcer also providing voiceovers on ITV.

Questionable editing of new BBC One ident

The latest addition to the Oneness ident set debuted on Saturday evening. However, the edit has room for improvement.

New Oneness ident debuts

BBC One launched another in its series of Oneness idents this evening.

ITV OSP used for rugby team lists

ITV’s on-screen presentation graphics were put to a rather unusual use this evening – providing team lists for tomorrow’s rugby Six Nations match.

ITV announcer makes reference to “UTV”

Since UTV switched to ITV branding/continuity in April, there have been no references to “UTV” by the ITV announcer (that we’re aware of). Until tonight.

BBC One announcer goes AWOL and news titles fail to run

There was a less than slick start to the early evening news on BBC One this evening.

BBC One Scotland clock in BBC Two colours

A really obscure bit of BBC presentation trivia now. For a period in 1985, a small glitch in the BBC Scotland television continuity suite resulted in the BBC One Scotland clock taking on the colours of the BBC Two clock