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More to the BBC Select logo than meets the eye?

Revised article published: 20th February 2021. Back in December, the new BBC Select website went live, in advance of the formal launch of the new streaming service. The BBC Select logo included an odd looking version of the BBC blocks

Fondly remembered BBC TV idents turn 30

It was the day when everything changed but everything stayed the same.

1982 BBC business programme provides useful insights into the launch of Channel 4

A report from BBC Two’s financial series The Money Programme provides a great insight into the launch of Channel 4. It also provides a few nuggets for Pres fans.

Clean BBC One handover to BBC News Channel still the exception

Possibly the untidiest junction on UK TV – and it’s on BBC One: the nightly handover to the BBC News Channel.

BBC News Channel TOTH titles go AWOL

The BBC News Channel’s top-of-the-hour headlines and title sequence didn’t go quite as planned at 11pm last night.

The demise of BBC Schools and Colleges branding

The return of a form of schools broadcasting next week has provoked inevitable nostalgia – and not just from pres fans.

Martin Lambie-Nairn: a giant of TV branding

Martin Lambie-Nairn will go down in media history as the inventor of modern television branding.

From Thames “In Colour” – in 1989?

In an age when branding is taken so seriously, it’s interesting to look back on a time when it wasn’t. One of the great mysteries lost in time is why many ITV companies continued to actively promote colour until well

Playout issue disrupts start of Final Score on BBC One

There was a playout issue at the start of today’s Final Score on BBC One.

BBC Four Christmas 2020 OSP launches

Something new and something familiar from BBC Four this year.