Christmas 2018 OSP developments (1st December)

Keep up with all the latest developments as the UK and Irish TV networks unveil their Christmas presentation.  If you have updates about any channel, let us know – via our Contact page or by posting a comment on this page.


Christmas presentation launched at 8.10pm this evening.  This morning,  the BBC published the BBC One ‘Christmas film’ online:

Comments on social media:

A total of three idents and two promotion stings aired this evening.  The launch ident was the news safe (night time) version.  The other two featured the mother and son from the two-minute promotion: one in a scene around a Christmas tree and the other in a bumper car.  In both sequences, everyone other than the mother and son are frozen in time.


BBC Wales aired a BBC Two Christmas promotion on BBC One Wales at 4.30pm, providing a glimpse of one of the BBC Two Christmas idents:

VIDEO: BBC Two Wales promotion: Christmas 2018. TX DATE/TIME: 1st December 2018, 4.30pm. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 376-01.

Christmas presentation was launched at 8.30pm on network BBC Two.  A general promotion for Christmas programmes aired first, followed by the Magical ident.  The second Christmas ident – Glamorous – aired in the 9pm junction.  There are two stings – each based on one of the two idents.

BBC Four

Christmas presentation launched at 9pm.  Three idents in use this year – each featuring the reindeer footage from previous years.  Programme promotion endboards have also been given a festive update.


ITV started the day at 6am with one of its standard idents, featuring rowers.  This was used to introduce the early morning CITV slot, which featured festive CITV idents (same ones as last year).  At 6am, we had the CITV Sprouts ident; at 6.10am, the Christmas Present ident; at 6.25am, the CITV Snowball ident; and at 7.30am, the Icicle ident.

At 9.25am, the ident featuring runners on steps introduced the news.  The Fireplace ident was used at 9.30am, where a man is seen placing logs on a fire and stoking it.  But by 11.40am, the first Christmas ident appeared – Children Decorating Christmas Tree.  During the remainder of the day, Christmas idents and standard idents were in use.  Examples: 12.10pm Santa Carousel; 1.15pm Beekeeper; 1.30pm Horseracing; 4pm Santa/Mince Pies; 4.45pm Rescue Lifeboat; 4.55pm Roadsweeper; 5.05pm Children Decorating Christmas Tree.

Many thanks to Ken Barter for the information about ident usage.

Last year’s ‘ice’ programme promotion endboards in use.  No sign of the Christmas break bumpers yet – but they arrived a little later than the Christmas idents/promotions last year.

Just wondering how much longer ITV can continue to churn out the same Christmas idents.  The new CEO seems to be big on marketing and brand positioning.  I wonder if ITV will get the decorators in next year and freshen up the channel?  And perhaps that will be the trigger for BBC One to sort out its on air presentation.


Christmas idents on air – potentially from 6am.  The idents are the same as those used last year.

Channel 4

Sprouts spotted on a Channel 4 programme promotion.  But no evidence of festive idents in use.

Channel 5

A festive ident first appeared this morning at 10am.  Thanks to Ken Barter for the confirmation.  One Christmas ident was in use throughout the day.  There are about four festive break bumpers, which suggests there will be further Christmas idents.  Programme promotion endboards have been updated for Christmas.



PICTURED: BBC One ident - Christmas 2018. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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