BBC One reintroduces next/later pointers

As reported earlier on the TV Forum website, BBC One seems to have brought back next/later pointers. A design first seen in January 2016 was used in the junction leading into tonight’s edition of The Graham Norton Show.

Next/later pointers were discontinued on BBC One over three years ago. The graphic used tonight also included an old ‘HD’ animation on the BBC One logo, which hasn’t been used on air since the introduction of the Oneness campaign in late-2016.

In recent months, ITV has begun using programme menus during programme junctions and ad breaks.

VIDEO: BBC One now/next graphic. Announcer: Anthony Lewis. TX DATE/TIME: 29th May 2020, 10.45pm. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 4883-01.



PICTURED: BBC One now/next graphic. SUPPLIED BY: Online/BBC iPlayer. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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