The unsung heroes of broadcasting

In these difficult times it is important to celebrate the unsung heroes of broadcasting. Presentation departments, promotions teams and the engineering workers who play a part in getting the signal to viewers can easily go unnoticed by the public.

Most TV production is now in hiatus or severely affected by the crisis. Understandably, the BBC is putting much effort in to maintaining news and other programmes which in their own way can help people through the difficult times ahead – such as The One Show.

Traditionally presentation staff worked for the broadcasters directly. BBC and IBA engineers maintained the transmission system. Today it’s all much more complex through outsourcing, privatisation and contractual arrangements between specialist firms and the broadcasters themselves.

But these staff are still providing a vital service in difficult times – possibly with reduced teams and with colleagues working from home where possible.

It’s easy for the public to see how much news teams are doing and celebrate them. But the familiar voice of an announcer can be a great reassurance in an uncertain time. It can also be a reassurance to know their colleagues are still at work, quietly trying to deal with the practical issues thrown at them by late schedule changes.

Sometimes it can be easy to mock what can be seen as excessive planning for emergencies and possible disaster recovery arrangements. This is when the value of their foresight is to be recognised.



PICTURED: BBC News gallery. SUPPLIED BY: YouTube Channel - Nik Sire Films. COPYRIGHT: Unknown.

Posted by Andrew Nairn

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