BBC News at Ten extended from next week

The latest BBC TV programme listings show that next week’s BBC News at Ten has been extended to thirty minutes, with the regional news and national weather occupying the 10.30pm – 10.45pm slot. The new arrangement is being introduced as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

The BBC News at Ten was extended after the 2015 general election, to allow for more discussion and analysis. Last February, the BBC announced that it was cutting back the length of the programme again, to make room for BBC Three programming. The change also avoided an overlap with Newsnight, which is where the BBC pointed viewers seeking in-depth news and analysis.

It is understood the BBC News at Ten will run to a planned duration of 31 minutes 30 seconds. Network BBC News programmes however tend not to work to precise running times in practice – durations are often a little lighter or heavier depending on the stories of the day or the exact lengths of items.

The late regional bulletins are also expected to be extended.

The Wednesday edition of The One Show is also being cut to 30 minutes to include a regular coronavirus programme.

These are the first major changes to the schedule as a result of the crisis – other than those which followed the cancellation of planned sports events. All major broadcasters are known to be working on plans to try to ensure news and other live programmes are not disrupted because of measures to control coronavirus.



PICTURED: BBC News at Ten opening titles. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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  1. Ahem!! BBC *NETWORK* news programmes tend not to run to a precise duration. In the Regional programmes, we time it to the second. Precisely. Every single time. Just sayin’…


  2. Thanks for the feedback. The article has now been updated.


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