BBC News Channel lower-third fail

We’re really not going out of our way to find fault with the new BBC News on-screen graphics but the number of times that we happen to stumble upon an issue really makes us wonder how often these glitches are happening.

Most of the on-air problems that we’ve witnessed to date have been similar – the lower-thirds freeze and have to be removed. They usually reappear after 10 minutes or so – presumably following a reboot.

Today’s incident was a little more interesting. It looked as though the ticker was experiencing an issue initially. The story headline/summary text was then removed, followed by the programme title. The entire lower-third then animated off screen, before the story headline/summary text reappeared, minus its dark grey transparent background:

VIDEO: BBC News Channel: lower-third issue. TX DATE/TIME: 27th August 2019, 12.54pm. SUPPLIED BY: Online/BBC iPlayer. COPYRIGHT: BBC. VREF: 1969-01.

Lower-thirds were back to normal in time for the BBC News at One.



PICTURED: BBC News Channel: lower-third issue. SUPPLIED BY: Online/BBC iPlayer. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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