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BBC News has updated its on-screen graphics/title sequences, adopting the new, bespoke font, BBC Reith: “We’ve changed the design of our on-screen graphics to make them clearer and easier to read, and to bring us in line with BBC News Online, BBC Weather and BBC Sport.”

On this page, the latest updates on the rollout of the new graphics, from a national perspective.

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NOTE: the images featured on this page were taken from BBC iPlayer and are not high quality.

Latest National Updates

16th July 2019, 8am: the updated BBC Breakfast logo and graphics. Note the addition of seconds to the live clock within the opening titles.

16th July 2019, 5am: The Briefing titles remain unchanged – Helvetica.

16th July 2019, 12am: Newsday titles updated:

15th July 2019, 10.30pm: logo updated on BBC News at Ten titles. No change (yet) for Newsnight.

15th July 2019, 8pm: other items of note this evening – the logo badge on the BBC News at Six, Beyond 100 Days and the generic titles for the 8pm programme. Other than that, the lower-thirds and graphics are largely in line with what we’ve seen earlier in the day.

15th July 2019, 5pm: the new logo badge features in the BBC News at Five titles.

15th July 2019, 2pm: Afternoon Live gets the Reith treatment:

15th July 2019, 1pm: the BBC News at One:

15th July 2019, 11.46am: the updated BBC Business graphics:

15th July 2019, 11.46am: another outing for the Breaking News lower-third:

15th July 2019, 11.26am: the first airing of the new Breaking News sting and associated lower-third:

15th July 2019, 11am: titles update for Newsroom Live. Even the live electronic banner in the newsroom (within the opening titles) gets the Reith treatment:

15th July 2019, 10am: the Victoria Derbyshire show had already updated its graphics some months ago. They had clearly been designed with the new lower-third BBC News graphics in mind. The programme’s opening title sequence still features a Gill Sans BBC News logo.

15th July 2019, 9.43am: we now see how the BBC Sport graphics slot into the lower-third arrangement:

15th July 2019, 9.31am: promotional trails also have a new endboard animation.

15th July 2019, 9.30am: new promo: Follow the Story.

15th July 2019, 9am: the BBC News at Nine is the first programme to use the new font. Title sequence remains unchanged, except for the logo badge (and yes, Gill Sans is still there, for place names).

15th July 2019, 8.58am: BBC Reith launches on the BBC News Channel with an updated Now/Next graphic and the new countdown sequence. Countdown music seems unchanged and the graphic format is as previously, albeit with an updated logo badge and the font change for the numeric countdown:

15th July 2019, 8.27am: as we reported last night on our Twitter feed, BBC London had decamped to the green screen set in Studio A over the weekend. The programme was still coming from Studio A this morning:



PICTURED: new BBC Breakfast titles. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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