BBC News Reith changes go live on Monday

As reported on our Twitter feed recently, BBC News will finally implement the new in-house font (BBC Reith) across its domestic and international TV news services on Monday. Although elements of some programmes have already been updated to BBC Reith (e.g., BBC Business Live title sequence; ad hoc use within pre-packaged reports) Monday’s changes will see the font rolled out more comprehensively, across BBC News (TV) output, taking in live on-screen graphics, and news programme title sequences, nationally and regionally.

The logos for all BBC English region news programmes were updated on BBC iPlayer in the last few days:

Although the regional news changes are not expected to go live until the 1pm – 1.45pm news slot on Monday, don’t rule out rogue appearances during BBC Breakfast.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are still sporting the current programme logos on BBC iPlayer (slightly bizarre that BBC Wales went to such efforts to resist a globe device in their programme titles, yet they are the only nation to use a globe (with continents) as their online programme logo):

Don’t be too surprised if not all of the nations are using BBC Reith on Monday.

On air, the BBC News Channel is expected to switch to the new look just before 9am on Monday morning. The first evidence of the changes will be an updated Countdown sequence:

Other than graphics/titles, don’t be expecting any other changes. And for those who have a sentimental attachment to Gill Sans, don’t despair – it’ll still be present.

Of course, this means that the revised look for BBC Breakfast won’t go live until 6am on Tuesday. As exclusively revealed on our Twitter feed yesterday, here’s the new logo for that programme:

The TV Room will carry coverage of the changes during Monday and Tuesday.



PICTURED: a still from the BBC London opening titles. SUPPLIED BY: Online/BBC iPlayer. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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