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Are broadcasters forgoing key skills in their pursuit of “authentic” channel announcers?

It was the style of speech which defined the BBC for decades. For a long time Received Pronunciation was used by virtually all BBC broadcasters. It was Lord Reith who believed this to be a form of speech which would be

Live voiceover crashes poignant Robert Rinder trail

An unfortunate error here during a BBC Two junction yesterday.

New continuity voice on BBC One

A new but familiar voice turned up this evening on BBC One.

New continuity voice on ITV

We spotted what we believe is a new voice introducing the programmes on ITV.

Pronunciation 101

Last updated: 7th June 2020. In the past, broadcasting organisations – particularly the BBC – were quite strict about standards of pronunciation among on-air talent, such as presenters, announcers and voiceover artists. Regional accents were rarely heard. Received pronunciation was

PICTURED: BBC Two ident - Silly.

BBC Two announcer sounding a little different

In an unusual departure for network BBC TV announcers, David Vickery this morning tried out a rather different style of delivery – adjusting to suit the genre – for the programme intros during BBC Two’s early morning kids strand.