RTÉ relaunches television news service

RTÉ launched their new look television news service at 6.01pm tonight.

Here’s the opening sequence of tonight’s RTÉ News: Six-One:

VIDEO: RTÉ News: Six-One opening sequence. TX DATE/TIME: 28th January 2019, 6.01pm. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: RTÉ. VREF: 426-01.

And some edited highlights of the 6.01pm programme, demonstrating studio presentation and graphics:

VIDEO: RTÉ News: Six-One presentation. TX DATE: 28th January 2019. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: RTÉ. VREF: 426-02.


RTÉ statement regarding the changes:

“Today sees the unveiling of a brand new look for RTÉ News after a major refurbishment and technical upgrade of our main news studio. Studio 3 is the busiest television studio in Ireland, broadcasting over 1,700 news bulletins and programmes each year. This is the first refurbishment of the busy studio in ten years and it will enhance RTÉ’s storytelling capabilities as it reports on Ireland and the wider world.

“The upgraded studio features a new video wall, 24m long and 3m high, spanning three sides of the studio. It utilises LED technology and a lighting system which is 70% more energy efficient. The refurbishment has seen the introduction of new automated HD cameras, a new set design, additional presentation areas and changed opening graphics for the main news bulletins. The replacement of the old video wall has increased studio floor space by 25%.

“The new look RTÉ News also sees a reworking of the familiar RTÉ News theme music by Irish composer Ronan Hardiman, recorded by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra.

“The work on Studio 3 cost €1.4 million and was financed as major capital investment project by RTÉ directly from the proceeds of RTÉ’s land sale. The last major renovation was ten years ago in 2009 at a cost of €1.3 million and during its life span was used to broadcast over 15,000 programmes.”

RTÉ News & Current Affairs managing director, Jon Williams said: “The new studio and design builds on the themes that have made RTÉ Ireland’s number one choice for TV News – bringing our audiences stories from across the world and around the corner. I’m particularly thrilled that “O’Donnell Abú” will again herald the news of the day – and grateful to the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra for their interpretation of an iconic piece of music. The star of the news is the news – and I’m delighted that the audiences to RTÉ News will reap a dividend from last year’s land sale.”

RTÉ’s main news studio is home to the Six-One News, Nine o’Clock News, One o’Clock News, News with Signing, News2day for young people, The Week in Politics, Leaders’ Questions, breaking news specials, budget coverage, referendum results coverage, and other special events live programme coverage such as national commemorations.

The project uses a combination of in-house RTÉ and outside expertise including Irish companies Ion, BVS, W Display, Piranha Bar and NoHo, along with international suppliers Vinten, Lightwell and Absen. The new graphics and set were designed by RTE’s graphics and design teams.

The new studio will broadcast live for the first time for tonight’s RTÉ Six-One News.



PICTURED: new look for RTÉ News: Six-One. TX DATE: 28th January 2019. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: RTÉ.

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