BBC NI’s The View introduces new virtual set

Updated: 12th September 2019, 10.45pm.

A promotion running this evening on BBC One Northern Ireland shows presenter Mark Carruthers in what appears to be a new virtual set for the current affairs programme, The View, which returns tonight at 10.35pm after a summer break.

Last series, the programme used a combination of physical set and virtual set in BBC NI’s Studio B, in Broadcasting House, Belfast. The physical set – used for most of the programme – is the same as that used for BBC Newsline, but with changes to the light colours, LED screen visuals and with a larger top on the presenter’s desk. The ‘Commentator’s Corner’ portion of the programme used a virtual set, based in the green screen section of Studio B.

With The View occupying the studio’s physical set, the late BBC Newsline bulletin at 10.30pm on Thursdays (which immediately preceded The View, and often included a live preview of the programme with Mark Carruthers, from the Studio B set) usually came from the small Studio C CSO facility.

At first glance, the new set looks entirely computer-generated. However, on closer inspection:

  • The presenter’s shadow is visible on the desk.
  • The desk is also showing evidence of green reflection.
  • The platform on which the desk is placed looks a little rough around the edges.

So, it looks as though the desk and associated platform are real.

UPDATE: so, the programme has just gone on air, still based in the physical set. It seems that the new virtual set is specifically for the ‘Commentator’s Corner’ segment. BBC Newsline at 10.30pm was broadcast from Studio C.



PICTURED: presenter Mark Carruthers on the new virtual set for The View. SUPPLIED BY: Online/BBC iPlayer. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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