Channel 4 reintroduces StayAtHome DOG

Channel 4 has reintroduced its “#StayAtHome” DOG – albeit the latest incarnation goes under the title “#StayAtHome2”.

The on-screen text reappeared in line with the introduction of strict new lockdown measures in England yesterday. The caption is broadcast during programmes only.

Curiously, the text appears on Channel 4 nationwide (although a national channel, Channel 4 operates macro regions, to allow a degree of regional advertising) – in spite of the fact that this message does not apply in Scotland.

Wales, Northern Ireland and parts of England had already been experiencing tighter lockdown regulations in recent weeks. Lockdown measures in Wales are due to be relaxed a little from 9th November. Lockdown rules in Northern Ireland are due for review next week.



PICTURED: Channel 4 "#StayAtHome2" DOG. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: Channel 4 Television Corporation.

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