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On-screen presentation, promotions, ads and programme graphics/titles from yesteryear courtesy of YouTube.

BBC One abandons late film due to technical difficulties

It’s 1996 and BBC One has been in its new, state-of-the-art playout area for just over a year. The days of programme breakdowns are a distant memory. Right?

Branding the daytime schedule

The BBC’s new weekday daytime schedule arrived in October 1986. After years of programmes for schools and colleges, adult education, not to mention lots of test card and latterly Pages from Ceefax, the BBC finally committed to a regular programme

Lesser-spotted BBC One sting promo endboard

For the presentation enthusiast, there are a few nerdy items of interest in one of these 1994 BBC One junctions.

BBC One Scotland clock in BBC Two colours

A really obscure bit of BBC presentation trivia now. For a period in 1985, a small glitch in the BBC Scotland television continuity suite resulted in the BBC One Scotland clock taking on the colours of the BBC Two clock

1987 BBC One Scotland closedown observations

A 1987 BBC One Scotland closedown has caught our eye.

Branding anomaly in 1981 BBC Two news summaries

Last updated: 30th October 2020. When BBC News radically relaunched its TV news presentation in September 1981, one of the changes resulted in a branding anomaly on BBC Two.

BBC One resorts to rolling news to cover 1991 Gulf War

A new discovery on YouTube is a reminder of the degree of disruption to BBC One which was brought about by the 1991 Gulf War. To all intents and purposes, BBC One became a dedicated news channel during the opening

No trade test on Sundays

Occasionally an old clip of what was once unremarkable everyday television provides a gateway into another world. A piece of continuity which has surfaced from a Sunday morning in June 1974 does just that. A time when life was not

Archive find highlights poor technical quality of BBC NI 80s presentation

A rare find on YouTube highlights the poor technical quality of BBC One Northern Ireland continuity back in the day. The clip from 1980 includes a very poor blue and white clock (the network clock face was, of course, orange)

The history of Pages from Ceefax

First published in 2008. Last updated: 17th March 2020. The world’s first teletext service, BBC Ceefax (“See Facts”), was launched on 23rd September 1974. The technology was developed out of a desire to create a subtitling solution for deaf viewers.