Room 101

Last updated: 18th December 2019.

On this page, we highlight examples of broadcast graphic design, branding, set design or marketing that we believe fall short of the mark.

If you’d like to draw our attention to a piece of work that you believe would qualify for inclusion on this page, drop us a line (contact details are at the bottom of the page).

Items are listed in no particular order.

If an improved version of any of the items on this page is brought into regular use on air, we’ll happily reassess and allow the item to exit Room 101, where appropriate.

1. BBC Wales Today

Although the titles are a decent enough re-interpretation of the concepts from the original 2008 Lambie-Nairn-produced national and regional sequences, the closing board is rather disappointing.

The heavy font weight for ‘WALES’ is not terribly easy on the eye. The (horizontal) misalignment of the BBC News Wales badge and programme title looks very clumsy. Granted, BBC London News and BBC Spotlight did something similar with the previous version of their respective titles – but that doesn’t make it right.

The vertical positioning of the red logo badge also looks odd against the other elements – particularly where the base of the landmass sits.

2. BBC Logo Watch

There have been many examples of mocked up BBC logos being broadcast by the BBC over the years. We’ve been tracking the issue in a dedicated article: