PICTURED: Ceefax In-Vision page (1980). An early version of what would later become the front page for the in-vision service.

Teletext recoveries

A quick word about some of the latest teletext recovery work by Jason Robertson and Terrence Burridge.

PICTURED: Channel 4 ETP-1 test card.

Channel 4 pre-1993 oddities

For its first 10 years, Channel 4 was not a commercial broadcaster in the real sense. It was owned by the IBA and paid for by the ITV companies. They could help recoup the cost

PICTURED: East Anglian Air Ambulance logo.

What does East Anglian Air Ambulance and RTÉ have in common?

Stumbled upon this earlier, completely at random. Who would’ve thought that the East Anglian Air Ambulance and RTÉ could possibly have anything in common? The 1969 – 1986 RTÉ corporate logo design (shown below right)

PICTURED: BBC Two ident - Silly.

BBC Two announcer sounding a little different

In an unusual departure for network BBC TV announcers, David Vickery this morning tried out a rather different style of delivery – adjusting to suit the genre – for the programme intros during BBC Two’s

PICTURED: BBC News Channel technical glitch results in presenter changeover being seen on-air. Presenter: Ben Bland.

Presenter changeover aired in error on BBC News Channel

A technical glitch on the BBC News Channel overnight resulted in a presenter changeover going out on air. Ben Bland was moving into position in preparation for the 5am News Briefing programme when the studio’s

PICTURED: a portion of the collapsed Emley Moor Mast (1969).

Look North remembers 1969 Emley Moor mast collapse

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Emley Moor transmitter in Yorkshire. Tonight’s edition of @BBCLookNorth looks back at the events of 19th March 1969.

PICTURED: BBC Four logo.

New Idents from BBC Four this week

BBC Four has been teasing a batch of new idents that are set to be revealed this week. In a tweet posted earlier today, a video – promising to be “incredibly satisfying” – includes images

PICTURED: ITV Creates ident.

ITV Creates: Bharti Parmar

Bharti Parmar is an artist whose practice of over 25 years encompasses printmaking, sculpture and painting. She trained at the Royal College of Art and has a PhD in material culture studies.

PICTURED: BBC Two ident - Silly.

BBC Two ident sound design

On Friday, the sound designer on last year’s BBC Two OSP revamp project, Alex Baranowski, published a blog providing some fantastic insights into the thinking behind the soundtracks that accompany the channel’s new idents.

PICTURED: a still from a BBC Breakfast sting.

New BBC Breakfast titles for update to Reith

BBC graphic designer James Mobbs confirmed on Saturday evening that new titles will soon be filmed for BBC Breakfast ahead of the programme’s switch to the BBC Reith font.

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