ITV: uniting the network (part 1)

It’s 30 years since ITV’s first attempt at a proper corporate identity was launched. The 1989 ITV logo was the first concerted effort to turn ITV into a brand although there had been previous attempts

Intermittent BBC News graphics glitch strikes again

Since their introduction in mid-July, the new BBC News on-screen graphics have been affected by an intermittent glitch which causes the software to hang. Each time this has happened, the lower-third graphics are removed completely

BBC Wales HQ struck down by power cut

BBC Wales has been affected by a power cut this evening. BBC Wales Today failed to appear at 6.30pm and was quickly replaced by BBC Northern Ireland’s BBC Newsline. BBC One Northern Ireland output went

ITV Creates: Ash Kayser

This week’s ITV idents were produced by Ash Kayser.

ITV Creates: Arts University Bournemouth

Led by course leader Richard Waring, for the BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree at the Arts University Bournemouth, this piece is a combined effort from students in his class.

BBC One NI airs Oneness-less ident

Bit of a rarity from BBC One Northern Ireland at lunchtime: a Oneness-less ident. Looks like they’ve created a shorter version of one of the Mountain Rescue idents, for junctions that are particularly tight.

PICTURED: a still from the Sportsday opening titles.

Sportsday aborted start on BBC News Channel

Tonight’s edition of Sportsday (BBC News Channel, 10.30pm) failed to start on the first attempt. The programme’s gallery output was taken off the air briefly, before a more successful start, just under a minute later.

PICTURED: BBC News logo.

Textbook handover to BBC News Channel by BBC NI

It’s not often that the schedule provides the opportunity for a tidy handover to the BBC News Channel at the point where BBC One programmes finish for the day. And frankly, it also depends on


Is that morning or evening BBC One?

BBC One will doubtless be promoting Animal Park Summer Special regularly throughout the coming week – just as it did tonight just before 7pm. The BBC generally only runs promos for programmes that are transmitted

ITV Creates: Brandon Saunders

The latest ident design from ITV Creates is the creation of 18-year-old Brandon Saunders. Although he has spent a lot of time working with digital mediums, he has a great amount of respect for and

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