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PICTURED: BBC One breakdown graphic.

Technical glitch puts temporary freeze on Wimbledon coverage

BBC One’s Wimbledon 2019 coverage was interrupted by a technical fault for a short time this afternoon. At 2.09pm, the action came to halt when the video/audio froze. BBC One Presentation interjected after 32 seconds, with an apology graphic and

PICTURED: presenters, Tomasz Schafernaker and Simon McCoy "filling" due to a problem with the weather graphics.

BBC Weather graphics still loading

A delayed start to the weather update at 3.25pm on the BBC News Channel – as the weather graphics were still loading, when Tomasz Schafernaker was due to present the half-hourly bulletin. Presenter Simon McCoy made light of the situation,

PICTURED: BBC Two breakdown graphic.

Epic fail for BBC Two playout

Tuesday evening (18th June 2019) and if you switched over to BBC Two just in time to catch the start of episode two of The Family Brain Games, you were in for an unwelcome surprise. Just under twenty seconds into

PICTURED: BBC One Northern Ireland information slide.

2005 BBC strike

Last updated: 2nd February 2020. BBC staff went on strike from midnight on Monday 23rd May 2005 for 24 hours. They were protesting at plans to cut 3,780 jobs and privatise parts of the Corporation.

PICTURED: BBC Scotland's The Nine set.

In the papers

The Sunday Times BBC insiders are reportedly concerned that some high-profile reporters and presenters, such as James Cook and Martin Geissler, may jump ship as the corporation’s new £32m Scottish channel turns in disastrous ratings. It’s flagship news programme, The

PICTURED: a still from the opening title sequence of a BBC One news programme in 1999.

BBC News: the beginning of the Lambie-Nairn/David Lowe era

On 10th May 1999, the BBC’s television news service was relaunched. But unlike previous revamps, this would be a more substantial upheaval – an attempt to unify the image of the television news operation across not only the domestic national

PICTURED: Studio N1, BBC Television Centre (1994).

BBC News virtual era ends

On Sunday 9th May 1999, the BBC News “virtual set” was aired for the final time. First introduced in April 1993, the set revolutionised the BBC’s television news presentation. Until this point, the majority of the BBC’s news programmes were

PICTURED: presenter, Sophie Raworth, appears on air unintentionally, due to a technical glitch.

BBC News technical errors

Since moving to its new base in New Broadcasting House in 2013, the BBC’s domestic TV news service has suffered more than its fair share of technical issues. Indeed, even for those of us who get mildly excited by such

PICTURED: BBC One Northern Ireland ident.

A familiar voice returns to BBC NI TV continuity

Kathy Clugston has returned home to Northern Ireland and is once again introducing the programmes on BBC One Northern Ireland. She made her return to the local airwaves earlier this afternoon.

PICTURED: Ceefax In-Vision page (1980). An early version of what would later become the front page for the in-vision service.

Teletext recoveries

A quick word about some of the latest teletext recovery work by Jason Robertson and Terrence Burridge.