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PICTURED: ITV Creates ident.

Talent takeover month for ITV Creates

ITV Creative has announced details of a ‘takeover month’, where student and graduate designers and artists will have the opportunity to produce their take on the ITV logo, as part of the year-long ITV Creates campaign. Each week during 2019,

PICTURED: BBC One 1985 clock (recreation).

BBC One closedown curiosities from the past

In the days before BBC News 24/BBC News Channel, BBC One closed down overnight. The BBC One announcer would bid us goodnight over the channel clock, before putting up the BBC One globe symbol and playing the National Anthem, and

PICTURED: proposed updated look for BBC Broadcasting House, Belfast.

BBC NI submits planning application for HQ redevelopment

Updated: 24th July 2019. BBC Northern Ireland has submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of Broadcasting House in Belfast. The proposal confirms speculation that the existing buildings will be retained, although the office block and TV blocks will have

PICTURED: BBC News opening titles.

BBC One/BBC News Channel handover

Last Updated: 22nd July 2019. With the BBC News branding/graphics refresh, we were curious about a relatively minor element of BBC presentation – the status of the BBC News Channel sting used for the handover when BBC One programmes finish

PICTURED: BBC One ident.

Launch timing for 1981 BBC One symbol

The TV Room contributor Andrew Nairn has spotted a rather useful clip on YouTube, which helps narrow down the timing of the launch of the BBC One blue/green mechanical globe symbol, featuring the striped logo.

PICTURED: BBC Newsline online logo.

Special Newsline titles for The Open coverage

Although BBC Northern Ireland has somehow dodged the rollout of the new BBC Reith graphics (for now), they have introduced an updated set of titles for their late-evening weekday BBC Newsline programme (temporarily rebranded BBC Newsline at The Open), which

PICTURED: a still from the BBC North West Tonight opening titles.

Special title sequence for North West Tonight

A few days into the new look, North West Tonight aired special opening titles tonight, featuring the Dianne Oxberry memorial garden at Tatton Park. In the sequence – which adheres to the new titles template – the place names are

PICTURED: a still from the BBC Midlands Today opening titles.

BBC News Reith launch – around the regions

On this page, an at-a-glance guide to the rollout of the BBC Reith font in the BBC News English regions and nations. The initial signs of the new Reith package were aired in most regions during the 1pm regional headline

PICTURED: a still from a BBC Breakfast sting.

BBC News Reith launch

BBC News has updated its on-screen graphics/title sequences, adopting the new, bespoke font, BBC Reith: “We’ve changed the design of our on-screen graphics to make them clearer and easier to read, and to bring us in line with BBC News

PICTURED: a still from the BBC London opening titles.

BBC News Reith changes go live on Monday

As reported on our Twitter feed recently, BBC News will finally implement the new in-house font (BBC Reith) across its domestic and international TV news services on Monday. Although elements of some programmes have already been updated to BBC Reith