About Us

Clean Feed is a news, opinion and features site. Our focus is the world of TV presentation, branding, design and marketing in the UK and Ireland. The subject matter will stretch from the obscure, geeky and sometimes very niche, to something a bit more mainstream.

Content explained

NEWS: articles produced in-house, reporting a recent or forthcoming on-air event. We’ll also alert you to pertinent news stories reported on other websites.

OPINION: a current broadcast project or a random (relevant) subject comes under the spotlight.

BLOOPERS: if something doesn’t go quite to plan on air, rest assured, we’ll be there to capture the moment and ensure you don’t miss it.

FEATURES: a detailed treatment of a subject.

ARCHIVES: occasional forays into the archive. This will typically be material from The TV Room archive or items posted by users on YouTube or Vimeo.

ROOM 101: examples of broadcast graphic design, branding, set design or marketing that we believe fall short of the mark.