About Us

Clean Feed is a news, opinion and features site. Our focus is the world of TV presentation, branding, design and marketing in the UK and Ireland. The subject matter will stretch from the obscure, geeky and sometimes very niche, to something a bit more mainstream.

Content explained

NEWS: reporting on the latest on-air developments in the areas of on-screen presentation, graphic design and marketing. We’ll also alert you to pertinent news stories reported by other news outlets.

OPINION: the Clean Feed Team offer their perspective on a broadcast design/marketing project or other subject of interest.

BLOOPERS: if something doesn’t go quite to plan on air, rest assured, we’ll be there to capture the moment and ensure you don’t miss it.

FEATURES: a detailed treatment of a subject.

ARCHIVES: on-screen presentation, promotions, ads and programme graphics/titles from yesteryear – courtesy of The TV Room archive and YouTube/Vimeo channels.