1987 BBC One Scotland closedown observations

A 1987 BBC One Scotland closedown has caught our eye.

The first item of interest is that the closedown Late News summary features national news stories. For many years, BBC One Scotland had a late-night news summary at closedown, presented out-of-vision by the duty announcer. But it was a summary of Scottish news.

The September 1985 relaunch of the Nine o’Clock News saw the introduction of a regional news bulletin at 9.25pm. At this point, BBC Scotland is believed to have discontinued the closedown news summary on weekdays.

A closedown news update continued at weekends (as in this clip, from a Sunday night). But did this summary feature national news stories?

From a presentation perspective, we note that the BBC One Scotland globe is a little under the weather in this recording – there seems to be a blue hue on the symbol. This is also evidenced when the clock is on screen – the ‘BBC1 Scotland’ logo on the clock is supplied by the COW kit. Said logo is also slightly (horizontally) off-centre on the clock.

VIDEO: BBC One Scotland closedown. TX DATE: 26th April 1987. SUPPLIED BY: YouTube Channel – Studio2Television. COPYRIGHT: BBC.



PICTURED: BBC One Scotland ident (1987). SUPPLIED BY: YouTube Channel - Studio2Television. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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