Launch timing for 1981 BBC One symbol

The TV Room contributor Andrew Nairn has spotted a rather useful clip on YouTube, which helps narrow down the timing of the launch of the BBC One blue/green mechanical globe symbol, featuring the striped logo.

It had long been believed that the symbol and accompanying clock launched at the start of the day on Saturday 5th September 1981. However, this clip of the morning links into a weather forecast and Grandstand suggests otherwise:

VIDEO: BBC One continuity links. Announcer: John Trevor. TX DATE: 5th September 1981. SUPPLIED BY: YouTube Channel – TVARK Sweden. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

The update to the channel clock and globe devices seems to have taken place during Grandstand. By the early evening, the updated versions were in use – albeit with poor contrast and colour.

The technical glitches had been corrected by Monday.



PICTURED: BBC One ident. TX DATE: 14th September 1981. SUPPLIED BY: YouTube Channel - Treffynnon19. COPYRIGHT: BBC.

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